Executive Team Coaching Programmes 

Guiding Leaders & Their Teams to Sustainable Growth ENGAGE. REINVENT. IMPLEMENT. 

Managing Transition - Strengthening Performance - Enabling People to Thrive 

We draw on our 25-year track record to coach established and emerging leaders to identify their purpose, thrive personally & professionally and so improve business performance. We help individuals and organisations to generate the right environment for talent to flourish. Our executive coaching has enabled thousands of senior business people to enhance their performance and to deliver business and personal objectives. 

Developing Leaders 

We help future-proof leaders. Our programmes provide a confidential space to challenge thinking, encourage new habits and build on existing strengths. 

Executive Coaching 

Coaching is now recognised as one of the most effective professional development interventions. We can provide executive coaching on almost any business-related topic. 
Career progression and realising potential 
First 100 days in a new role 
Leading a team or project 
Improving confidence, "gravitas" and personal impact 
Presentation/public speaking/boardroom skills 
Managing business relationships 
Work-life balance. 
Kim Morgan, MD of Barefoot, can also provide coaching on some of the common traits which have the potential to derail leaders in their work, as discussed in the Coach's Casebook – traits such as perfectionism, procrastination, fierce independence and people pleasing. 


95% of leaders who involve their co-workers in coaching improve their effectiveness. - keep 
Our approach to leadership development and coaching is highly successful. That's by design! We place a strong emphasis on involving coworkers, implementing change, and follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness. After all, what really counts is the leadership growth and who will see that better than the people you work with?  
We know, from experience that, "Leadership change is simple but not easy!". Our Executive Coaching Programme is a highly effective, transparent, bespoke, and time-efficient 
process that works every time. 
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We manage all aspects of the stake-holder engagement in this programme through our unique and powerful Engagement and assessment software 
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